Niagara Therapy by Ultrassage

Adjustable beds and massage chairs proudly made in Montreal, Canada

The History of Niagara
Made in Montreal, Quebec for over 40 years

Niagara Therapy Heritage



In the early fifties the Niagara Therapy company was born. Exclusive cyclo-massage therapy products allowed Niagara to expand to a dozen countries. Ultrassage would become Niagara Therapy’s official Canadian distributor.



Niagara by Ultrassage extends it’s lead in the Canadian market by focussing on it’s two main product lines: massage chairs and adjustable beds, also called electric beds.

Satisfied clients across Canada

Testimonials from our clients

"Initially, when one goes to a Home Show, not knowing the company or product, one is reticent to spend a sizable amount of money. However, you were able to generate trust. Our experience of the product, has been nothing but positive.
Not only are the beds we purchased comfortably therapeutic, but also easily managed. We are very satisfied with their functionality and the health benefits afforded by them.Thank you again for your kind service" 

J. and P. Abraham,
Aurora, ON

"It is only once in a while that we make a purchase that we are always thankful for. The purchase of our Niagara Ultrassage bed is one of them. It has been 5 months and not a week goes by without one of us saying how much we enjoy our adjustable bed. It is so comfortable and enjoyable and we are glad we did not wait longer to get one.
Your price was right, and we are pleased with the quality. Thanks for helping us make a great purchase."

D. And R. Ekkelenkamp,
Calgary, AB

"My wife had an accident which caused multiple injuries. Several years later a diagnosis was made that the accident was a catalyst for a rare bone disease. She suffers excruciating pain every day. Now my wife wakes up in the morning with less pain every day whereas prior it would take medication and an hour to get out of bed. The flat bed left my wife with sore areas like on her hips, now she is able to get up with me."

A. David,
Toronto, ON
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